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Driving Licence

The goal of our training program is to teach learners to become safe and defensive drivers - and of course
to pass their K53 driving test.

Learning Programme

Our learning program covers all the driving skills necessary to pass the driving test. But it does much more.

Our training method guarantee better drivers by increasing awareness of all factors that affect driving: the skills of the driver, characteristics of the vehicle, as well as road and traffic conditions.

Practical driver training is supplemented with printed learning material.

Structured Training

All forms of teaching are more effective if they are structured. At Protea Driving School we follow a “sequence of training”. This training program took meticulous and time consuming planning and input from all our experienced instructors. We also studied curriculums of overseas driving schools as well as the official driver’s handbooks from countries like Australia. 

We know what we are doing!

Driving lessons

Lessons are scheduled to suit the learner. The only requirement is that bookings must be done in advance. Duration of one lesson is one hour. We recommend that when learners start practicing parking, they book double lessons. Please make use of the guidance of our experienced program coordinators in this regard.

  • Your instructor will start with a short introduction, telling you what he is going to teach you during that lesson and what you should be able to do at the end of the lesson.

  • Next he will the specific skill he wants you to practice during the lesson.

  • Where appropriate, you will receive printed learning material

  • Then he will the specific skill he wants you to practice during the lesson.

  • If you feel confident that you can give it a try on your own, you will start ; if not, your instructor will demonstrate again.

  • Next: practice, practice, practice….

  • Lastly your instructor will do an informal evaluation and give you an assessment of

your progress. (Suggests whether you need to practice the specific manoeuvre again.)

  • At the end of the lesson, your instructor will write a short progress report

  • You must please note what he reports, sign the appropriate space on your sequence of

training evaluation sheet, as well as the attendance register at the back of your file.

  • Your instructor will start the next lessons with a short review of the previous lesson’s

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