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Learners License

Unlimited Learner’s Licence Tuition

At Protea Driving School we strive for excellence. This is one of the reasons that we have a high pass rate. If you study for your learners licence with Protea Driving School you will pass.  We are that confident about our learning material and teaching methods.

Learning material:

We supply all learning material.

This includes:

  • Rules of the road,

  • Traffic signs, signals and road markings

  • Vehicle controls.

  • Questionnaires with all the questions learners can be asked during the test. 

  • Answer sheets so that the learners can do this mock test until they are 100% competent.

Learning program with Protea Driving School:

Usually our learning program is on a one-to one basis at our classroom. On request, we also accommodate groups at a venue of their choice as with schools. If a learner feels he/she needs more time to familiarize them self with the study material, they are welcome to study at our office after school hours.

Remember the facilitator will help you whenever you need help. We have reference books with all the necessary information available.

Class room hours at Protea Driving School

You are free to study for your learner’s test when it suits you. There are no formal classroom hours.

You are welcome any time the office is open.

Weekdays   07h00 - 17h00

Saturdays   07h00 – 13h0

  Remember there is no limit on learner’s licence tuition. You may study as many hours as you need.

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